Performance of Guest MacOS vmware on Dell XPS

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    • Performance of Guest MacOS vmware on Dell XPS

      Hi everyone,

      I have a question in my mind for a very long time and I can not find the answer on web. I hope you guys help me about this topic.

      I am thinking to buy Dell XPS 9570 with i7 16GB memory, 512 GB SSD config.

      The question is that, I will use VMware player on thos laptop and I am aiming to use MacOS on VMware player in Dell XPS. But I am not sure how the performance of Guest MacOS will be. I do not want to have lagging issues and other performance problems while using that virtual machine.

      Is there anyone who runs VMware player on Dell XPS ? If there is, please share the performance comment of the guest MacOS with me. I really need the answer of that :(

      Thank you very much inadvance.

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